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Health Apps

What did I do during the pandemic, you ask?  Other than staying safe (and getting my PCRM Food For Life certification), I spent much of my time developing a few health apps for you to use.  They are "non-native", which means you don't download them from an app store.  Instead, you enter the URL in your phone browser, and then "pin" it to your screen.  Now it works just like any other app...without the annoying need to continuously update the app (it happens automatically...just like a website).

There is no cost or charge to use any of these apps.  Pretty cool, eh?

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Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash


WFPB stands for Whole Food, Plant-Based.  The app is a curated collection of videos and online resources on why this lifestyle is so healthy, and can reverse/cure many chronic diseases.


Enter this URL -  - into your phone's browser, pin it to your home screen, and dig in to the dozens of hours of information available, updated regularly. 

WFPB App Home Screen.jpg
PPMNY In Your Kitchen
PPMNY In Your Kitchen Home Screen July 2022.jpg

This app provides over 300 WFPB recipes, in both English and Spanish, for anyone looking to create healthy meals.  I created it for the amazing folks at Plant Powered Metro New York, who are doing incredible work to improve the health of communities.  A huge shout-out to my collaborator on this project, Hilary Agin, who did all the amazing non-technical work needed, so all I had to do was dig into the techy stuff.

How to get it?  From your phone browser, go here -

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