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Your Business Will Never Be The Same: 

Hot Technologies 2019

How are you keeping up with the technological advancements that impact your job and career? Do you find that you’re barely able to keep pace with the latest developments? This session reviews what’s new and way cool in technology in this fun, fast-paced look at what’s here for us to use now and what’s coming in the near future, including the latest information about virtual reality & augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other important tech trends.

Are You Digitally Secure? Find Out:


Today’s high-profile hacks of major organizations and institutions have increased awareness of the issues of digital security, yet most people are compromising their personal and company’s information on a regular basis, which can put their business…and themselves…at risk. Attendees at this session will better understand the digital risks and learn to separate truth from hype about how secure their presence is.
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It’s App-tastic: 

60 Apps in 60 Minutes


You thought you have all the apps that you need? Perhaps, but as more and more mobile apps are developed, business professionals are finding new ways of saving time and increasing their productivity. Whether you’re looking for tools to help manage your social channels, connect and communicate with your team, supercharge your office, or looking for that needle in a haystack that will save you endless time, this session is sure to provide you that information. Attendees are encouraged to bring their mobile devices and share their favorite apps with their peers.
In Case of Emergency: 
How Your Mobile Device Can Save Your Life
What would you do if something happened to you (or a colleague or attendee) while on the road? What may save your life (or someone else's) is the mobile device that is always at your side. But do you have it prepared to be of use in case of an emergency? In addition to the social and other basic tools and apps you have on your device, what else should you always have?