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Everything You Need to Know About AI...But Didn't Know to Ask

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other hot technologies are having a significant impact on the tasks and and requirements needed for today’s business.  While many are fearful that AI will replace the need for some workers, most organizations understand that is not the case, though the skill sets and tasks required are evolving.  Attend this session to keep up the various tech tools that will impact your career moving forward.

Are You Digitally Secure? Find Out:


Today’s high-profile hacks of major organizations and institutions have increased awareness of the issues of digital security, yet most people are compromising their personal and company’s information on a regular basis, which can put their business…and themselves…at risk. Attendees at this session will better understand the digital risks and learn to separate truth from hype about how secure their presence is.
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Your Business Will Never Be The Same: 

Hot Technologies 2024

How are you keeping up with the technological advancements that impact your job and career? Do you find that you’re barely able to keep pace with the latest developments? This session reviews what’s new and way cool in technology in this fun, fast-paced look at what’s here for us to use now and what’s coming in the near future, including the latest information about virtual reality & augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other important tech trends.

Your Essential Digital Toolbox: Making the Most of Tech Tools to Enhance Your Productivity

Apps, web resources, digital shortcuts…there are thousands of tools and services out there for you to use.  But which ones are the ones that can really save the day?  How can you build that essential digital toolbox which always can provide the right tool for each job…one where most of the tools are completely free?  Whether you’re trying to build an app (yes, you can do that for free) or ensure that your organization can optimize their social presence, or whether you just want to be able to do something quicker and easier, this session is essential to enhance your productivity.

Eat...As If Your Life Depended On It

The Centers for Disease Control have identified that nearly 75% of all Americans over 20 can be considered overweight or obese.  Metabolic syndrome conditions such as overweight, high blood pressure, high blood sugars and high cholesterol significantly increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and many cardiovascular and other life-threatening diseases.  To improve your health, the stories, backed by rigorous science, point in a single direction - adoption of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest way to go.


This session will explore the journey of Jim Spellos, as he navigated his career in the hospitality industry, who ignored the warning signs which nearly cost him his life and livelihood, and how he has used his new lifestyle knowledge to become the healthiest person he has ever been...and share with you the essential information you need to know.

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