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Health First

In all the years I've been teaching, I spent far more time on educating others than educating myself..especially when it came to health.  In late 2016, my body finally caught up with me, as I had an ischemic stroke, which caused the entire right side of my body to fail.  From one minute having fun getting ready for the holidays to being whisked off by an ambulance into the ER, and then ICU of a nearby hospital, one can say this was a life changing experience.

From what I've learned, however, there are an awful lot of people who, if they are able to recover (as I was fortunate enough to do), go right back to their old habits, many not realizing that those "habits" are what likely caused the problem initially.

While I continue to teach about technology and way cool tech tools, a large part of my future is to try and teach folks about healthy eating and lifestyle.  I've earned my certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell School of Nutrition at Cornell University, as well as completed the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine's Food for Life program, in the hopes of teaching people even more about healthy eating.

Beginning in 2022, I'm partnering with my good friend Holly Duckworth on a Whole Food/Mindfulness workshop called Re-Energize Your Life.  Click the button on this page to learn more.


While you're hear, take a look at the pictures here to see some before and after shots (bet you can tell which ones are which!).

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